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Impressions S01xE02

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It's Spoiler! Continue reading only after watching episode 2 of season 1.

     We can start it by saying this episode clarified some of our doubts raised before, we get to have a few surprises too...

     Wow, this episode was great! Poor baby, she said Maleficent was her only friend. You can even feel the pain in her voice. Friends, the Evil Queen cried!!! But not even that stopped her from killing her father - and guess what...he is called Henry! Now, here's where I don't get it. The boy is Snow White's grandson, Regina Mills' adopted son and, at the same time, the Evil Queen's father?? Or did Regina just want to choose this name? And if so, does she remember anything? If it is really her father, then he wants to break the curse his daughter cast?  Well, anyway, I still don't understand why this boy knows so much....
      By the way, once again Rumpelstiltskin indicates he is the one who rules the plot. But, since he was the person who brought Regina the baby, does he want to break the curse? Does he remember anything? And how the heck did he find that boy? There's more to it than meets the eyes...

      Yep, I'm absolutely sure this episode was meant to raise more questions. It truly has a pinch of LOST in it.

       Leaving the question marks aside, I'd like to say I find it very interesting the relation between Emma and Mary. This artifice of hiding the truth from the characters, but showing it to the viewers always work.... Although Emma knows it, right? - but whereas Mary doesn't, it's good enough. Emma still doesn't believe the whole fantasy world story, but if she did it wouldn't be a good story, indeed.
       In general, Snow White's character is very interesting and complex. She is good, sweet and optimistic, but at the same time, strong and realistic - if you know what I mean.... Now Emma, you can tell she is the kind that is capable of defying Evil Queen. I can see her, at the end, really being the hope of all (since everyone's scared to death of the bitch). ForCryinOutLoud! She cut down the apple tree! HAHAHAHA   *Best scene.

        I'm still trying to figure out who the sheriff is. But I appreciate his, at least, facing up with the mayor. Serves to show he's not that silly and has guts - we can try and figure his character out based on these aspects; as we've seen it, everyone has kept their striking features.
        Speaking of, What a shame, Jiminy Cricket! You, of all, allowed yourself to be led to the dark side?? Very bad, you manipulable!

         The one who doesn't stop astonishing is the young actor Jared Gilmore. Great acting as Henry. I keep trying to analyze the following: if the enchanted world wasn't revealed to us, if we didn't know for sure the curse is real, if we knew only the quiet city of Storybrooke, how would we react to Henry's faith? Would we doubt it, believe it, or ignore it?

         Regarding the scenario, flawless! If you really pay attention to it, Regina's office is creepy - for a mayor, that is. It looks like you're in a dark forest, despite being subtle. The detail is the steed in the center of the shelf.

         Many questions were raised at the beginning of this post. But, apart their answers, what will be the Evil Queen's next move?

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