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Impressions S01xE04

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It's Spoiler! Continue reading only after watching episode 4 of season 1.

          Even here Rumpelstiltskin steals the scene. I almost laughed when he "eliminated" Fairy Godmother from Cinderella's fairytale. But it was really unfair... Regarding the fact she didn't read the contract.... Really? Didn't you ask yourself: "Aren't you gonna read it?" Specially after having witnessed the creepiest fellow's spectacular entrance. But I assume it's part of her character, until she toughen up in the end - just like in Storybrooke.

             Regina always leaving us the impression she is more than just a mayor in Storybrooke. "Enjoy your cocoa." And then PUF! There goes the cocoa. But it was really nice of her to tell Henry how long he had to run around town. So gentle! 
             Now, the little affair between her and the sheriff isn't that surprising, but can't help being curious. I have my suspicions he is the huntsman. Which also makes me believe his hiring Emma was Regina's order. Or else, he is being manipulated by Regina and hiring Emma is a confrontation.

             Just a detail: Little Red Riding Hood's amulet is a wolf? Sure...

            An elf who could make straws become golden strings as part of the deal. What is his benefit? The queen's first-born should be handed over to him. In order to break the deal, a new one was made: she would have to guess his name (Rumpelstiltskin? Really easy...). But she guessed it right and everyone lived happy forever after (but Rumpel).
            This is our beloved Rumpel's story. Amazing how easy Emma made a deal with him. But if we think it through, maybe the key to break the deal will be guessing who he was in magical world, since Henry doesn't know yet. By the way, it's so cute that he never gives in, never breaks down by Regina's words, and doesn't bother Emma doesn't truly believe him. And his face during the conversation between Emma and Ashley is priceless!

            Cinderella's story in this series is very sad. But, in general, getting to know the stories of our cherished characters without their happy endings is frustrating. Which leaves us the great question: what happened to Prince Thomas?

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  1. Muito interessante o fato do blog ter tradução para ingles, visto que pode ser acesso de qualquer lugar do mundo.
    Que venha o sucesso da série para o Brasil e junto com ele o sucesso do blog.