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Round Table

         Due to the success of Once Upon a Time, people are eager to talk about and discuss several issues that are being brought throughout the show.
         That said, Once Hope now brings you our own Round Table. Make others understand your point of view, your theories and thoughts about the questions and join the Round Table!

May contain Spoilers!

        Do you want to become a Round Table member? It's easy! Send us an email with subject Round Table Member. Send us this information:

Name: (name or nickname)
C/S/C: (city/state/country)

       Once you receive the membership confirmation email with your ID, you can start sending your answers to the Table. Send us an email with subject Round Table. Your text must contain:

Question: (copy the question proposed)

       Current questions in the Table are:

       How do you feel about the license being taken with major fairy tale moments, such as how Rumpelstiltskin eliminated Cinderella's fairy godmother?

      What are your feelings on the Regina/Graham hookup and the love triangle with Emma they are clearly establishing?

      Any theories on how Henry even knows about the curse to begin with?

     Do you think it's significant that Henry was unable to deduce Mr. Gold's fairy tale identity when he seems to have done so with so many others in Storybrooke?

     What do you think might happen if anyone in Storybrooke besides Emma attempts to leave?

     If there was one fairy tale character you would like to see make an appearance on the show, who would it be and who would be your dream casting suggestion to play him/her?

     Do you think Graham is really gone?

     With Regina's vault of hearts being underneath the mausoleum, is Storybrooke just a facade for fairy tale land? Is this long forgotten place literally underneath Storybrooke?

      Any theories on what Rumplestiltskin was doing in the woods?

      Now that Regina and Emma are literally coming to blows, what happens next between them?

      Finally, give the fall run a grade.

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